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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Christmas party 27/12/2005

Though I write about it, now I will. As an event of my circle ''FC INTL'', we held a Christmas Party on 27 December,2005.
The meeting place(Live house) is in Ochanomizu.
From 13:00 To 16:00
Free to eat and drink.
In the party, 50 people (circle members and their friends) took a part in it and we played BINGO( this game is combination of presents'exchange),of course. I got a frame of picture(Desney version) from this game. It was so interesting. After that, we had a time to do comic skit and lives(guiter acoustic, rock live).
Some foreign students in AGU also came there. They seemed to enjoy it. Though the language we speak is different , thanks for the language of English, we could communicate with them. English is really useful for communication with foreigners even in Japan.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I belong to the circle(group activities), '' FC INTL''.
The name of this circle means that FC INTL=(Foreigners Community,International Network of Talking and learning).
So, in this circle, we can communicate with overseas students. Especially, we have good relationship with the Korean students and Chinese students. In this Sagamihara campus, there are not only Japanese students, but also many many Chinese students and Korean ones. We focused on the the condition that there is not any connection with them.
Last year, we organized our circle, so that until now we have had some events to make the connection .
Cosequently, we came to have the connection with them and almost every week we have a lunch with them. I think by making our circle ''FC INTL'' better with them, we can talk to them deeply and understand them. I wish we can be friendly with them even after our graduation, helping each other.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

At Aoyama Festival on October29~31

On October 29~31, the Aoyama Festival was held in Aoyama campus. There, our group( SemiProf.Ookubo Adviser group) had sold Tacos(Mexican food). It was so popolar and tasty that some of people who bought it would bought it again! There were there types of Tacos. One of them is Meet Tacos, other is Spicy one and the other is Sea food Tacos! Especially, men like Spicy one and women like Sea food one.Not only Japanese people, but also foreigners came to buy it. They were couples and families who maybe lived near from there. In foreigners, there were the mother and sisters whose TAkeshi's were. Takeshi is one of my seniors and his mother is from Honduran. So she speaks Spanish. I love Spain( untill now, I had traveled alone in Spain and Mexico), so I have been studying Spanish as a second language in this university.So, I got the opportunity to speak Spanish in this festival. I was very touched that this surprising event happened in that one. I like diversification like that. I would like more foreigners to live and visit in Japan because we could get fresh minds and ideas from talking to foreigners.

First blog

Hi, it's my first comment on this blog. Throughout this blog, I want to write about social diversity which is the theme of a class, English SeminarⅡ in my university. As the way of writing it, I wanna output what I have learned in the class through this blog.Last week, I've leaned positive points and negative ones of social diversity.
1. Positive......we can get the global sense and see some foreign cultures in one country etc...
2. Negative....crime, terror,the difference of languages etc...
From next, I would like to tell about social diversity more deeply.